Case Studies

High staff turnover solved.

After years of high turnover and poor work by employees, an SFO principal and his family seek to make positive changes to their household staff. TLHRM meets with family at their home to assess the needs and the requirements of the jobs, new staff positions are identified and highly skilled candidates are selected, tested and chosen for personal interviews. With TLHRM's expert oversight the principals' identities are never released to candidates; instead alias identities are created to protect the family from unwanted solicitations. Saving the family time, TLHRM assists the family in making safe and effective hiring decisions and continues to provide the family with Human Resources support, mediation and employee tracking.

Time savings to family: 375 hours

Security improvements & risk reduction.

High Net Worth and high profile couple seeks the advice of TLHRM for their 10-plus U.S. based properties. They inquire about how to lower their risk of a lawsuit by independent contractors, subcontractors and domestic staff. TLHRM identifies ways to lower risk and develops operational budgets for properties. TLHRM also provides the property manager with guidance to improve security, compliance with State and Federal Labor laws and mediate exit strategies for terminating employees, thus lowering the risk and expense to client.

Cost savings to client: $1.2 million

5-figure overcharges & fraud uncovered.

High Net Worth entrepreneur seeks the advice of TLHRM after the recent renovation of his home. The client is left wondering if he was over charged and if all the items he selected from an art gallery were authentic. TLHRM audits the decorator and subcontractor files, reviews the documentation on art and sculpture acquired and has appraisals performed on assigned pieces. In the meantime the decorator places a lien on the home to pressure the client for payment. TLHRM's audit uncovers a five figure over-charge by the decorator and fraudulent records for art and several sculptures. TLHRM is able to mediate a successful outcome for the client, retrieve monies paid for over charges, dubious art works and sculptures and keep the client's name from unwanted sources.

Cost savings to client: over $4 million

Inventory & appraisal system for multiple properties.

Senior high net worth couple seeks TLHRM's help in reviewing the extensive inventories in their three households and creating a better system for record keeping. The last inventory and appraisal was done over 10 years ago. At the time of the project the family increases the inventory by tripling the number of art and collectables. TLHRM manages a successful project outcome without exposing the client's personal information. New record keeping and security procedures are established for each household and all domestic staff is trained on new procedures.

Cost savings to client: $2 million

Staffing audit reduces risk, improves performance.

Single Family Office principals called on TLHRM because of high turn-over and complaints of unfair employment practices among the SFO staff. TLHRM conducted a full audit of all HR documentation including performance evaluations, salaries and job descriptions and interviewed each employee to obtain multiple perspectives of the situation. Examples of pay discrimination were uncovered and corrected. The principals made the decision to replace two C-level executives and TLHRM successfully recruited two well-qualified candidates. Employee turnover was decreased and risk of potential lawsuits mitigated.

Cost savings to client: $1.5 million

Critical staff relationship saved.

2G family's beloved head housekeeper wants to leave her employment after 4 years of dedicated service and the client is at a loss as to why. Teresa Leigh has conversations with the housekeeper that reveal the driver has made unwanted lascivious advances toward the housekeeper's underage daughter, causing the housekeeper to want to flee this stressful environment. The client is briefed on Best Practices and offered an action plan. The plan is a success and the client retains their cherished housekeeper without liability or risk.

Cost savings to client: $300,000

Cross-country renovation & relocation.

Forbes-list grandson wishes to move across the country and purchase another home while awaiting the birth of his twins. Teresa Leigh Household Risk Management is hired to relocate the growing family, manage the renovation of their new household and facilitate the purchase of work from a known curator of Asian and Contemporary art. Teresa Leigh continues to provide service by offering vetted introductions to advisors in the areas of client interest.

Cost savings to client: $1.5 million

Criminal backgrounds discovered amongst domestic staff.

Multiple Family Office requests 'Best Practices' for clients' households. Teresa Leigh Household Risk Management conducts on-site visits and subsequent background investigations that identify multiple high risk domestic employees with criminal backgrounds. The Family Office hires Teresa Leigh Household Risk Management for new hires and the establishment of a Human Resources department for domestic employees.

Cost savings to client: $2.7 million

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