Our areas of expertise:

  • Staffing and training, HR for domestic employees
  • Design and evaluate operational budgets
  • Identify areas for cost savings
  • Mediate service problems or disputes
  • Selecting best-in-class craftsmen
  • Negotiate annual service agreements
  • Problem solve repair, installation,
    and warranty issues
  • Assess household security
  • Construction audits
  • Project management


We have the multi-dimensional role of steward, guardian, advocate and protector for all areas of a client's lifestyle, household and property.

Household Operations
1. New household set-up
     a. Acquisition
     b. Subcontractor and staff hires
2. Household Staff
     a. Hiring staff
     b. Training and managing staff
     c. Pay negotiations
     d. Problem mediation
3. Operational budgets
     a. The cost of operating a large household and grounds
     b. How to save on expenses
     c. Systems to reduce fraud and theft
Property Management
1. Subcontractor and Vendor Management
     a. Hiring and proper vetting of subcontractors and vendors
     b. Negotiation of service contracts
     c. Problem mediation
2. Bill Pay
     a. Auditing invoices from vendors and service providers
     b. Prompt payment and accounting of invoices

We work tirelessly to protect our clients, carefully vetting and referencing all those who seek access.  By taking the time needed to nurture a relationship of trust and loyalty, we obtain a genuine understanding of a client's unique lifestyle and their households.

Case Study Notes:
Due to the homeowners' learning curve in sub contractor and vendor management several items are prevalent:

  1. Most homeowners grossly over pay for goods and services
  2. Double billing for goods or services
  3. ID theft while inside the home
  4. Triple access: workers, contractors, and service technicians who now have open access to home with keys and security codes
  5. Poor background screening on workers who may have to home and children
    Do you know a worker who may be on the Sexual Predator Listing?
  6. Materials fraud: deliver of toxic or hazardous materials
  7. Warranty issues
  8. Extended delay time in delivery of goods and services
  9. Poor communication in deliverables
  10. Unqualified workers or craftsman for an affluent home

Let us help you simplify and problem solve areas of concern within your home or property.

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