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The employment of household domestic employees is a high risk arena.  Changes in State and Federal labor laws, poor hires and our litigious culture make it very difficult for the affluent employer to be proactive in managing their risk and exposure.

By utilizing our expertise our clients can effectively avoid potential lawsuits and the high cost of employee turnover. 
Our areas of expertise:
  • Human Resource audits and documentation
  • Interview and candidate selection: matchmaking
  • Vetting process and background investigations
  • Evaluations of staff
  • Crisis management and mediation
  • Employment manuals
  • Research and evaluation of benefits plans
  • Customized job descriptions
  • Personnel file management
  • Federal & state labor law compliance
  • Training and continuing education programs
Resources on staff:
  • Human Resources Specialist with Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Certification
  • Attorney specializing in employment law

Case Study Notes:
Retention of Household and Property Staff

The cost of turnover of domestic and property staff is a minimum of 7.5 times the annual salary of the exiting employee due to:

  • loss in work production
  • decrease morale of other employees
  • administrative costs
  • unemployment insurance rates may increase
  • adjustment time with new hire
  • employer’s lost time with rehiring qualified employee

Our retention rate is 95 percent with our trademark household management HR program, applying consistent management and communication policies for household & property employees.

Learn to manage staff like an expert! Learn creative ways to retain good staff and reduce employers?costly loss of time with new hires.

Your personal household management Advisor is available to provide you with proven management techniques and insightful communications for your entire domestic and property staff.

Accurate documentation for your staff is vital to protecting your investments.


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