Teresa Leigh Household Risk Management
Teresa Leigh Household Risk Management

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As an advisor we have the multi-dimensional role of steward, guardian, advocate and protector for all areas of a client's lifestyle, household and property. By taking the time to nurture a relationship of trust and loyalty, we obtain a genuine understanding of a client's unique needs and desires; we are therefore able to anticipate and fulfill the request before it is ever evident or vocalized.

Our experience in household operations and domestic staff management gives us the expertise to quickly identify problem areas and offer solutions to create an efficient and harmonious household.

Our daily objective is to ensure the well-being of our clients with complete discretion and uncompromising advocacy.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Provide practical solutions and best practices
  • Manage the process of change successfully
  • Creating harmony among staff
  • Motivating and retaining staff
  • Creating household protocol
  • Best practices for managing service companies
  • Creating systems to bring order and peace to your household

Life is to be enjoyed. Learn how we can facilitate a custom-tailored plan for you and your household.


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