Teresa Leigh Household Risk Management



In our continuing commitment to provide ‘Best Practices’ to our clients we have established a research and education department. This ground breaking research focuses on very specific risk areas of the affluent household.                                         
Current fields of study:

  • Social changes that affect the affluent homeowner   
  • Domestic staffing trends
  • Salary and benefit trends for domestic employees 
  • State and Federal labor laws and their effect on the domestic employee workforce
  • Violent crime against the affluent homeowner
  • Employment lawsuits
  • Cost of employee turnover

In addition to these fields, interviews and surveys are conducted to provide an in-depth understanding of the cost of risk. Our founder, Teresa Leigh, is a nationally recognized speaker on best practices for the affluent household and offers her audience a powerful visual presentation on risk issues.

We offer programs that are accepted for CIMA? CPWA? Certified Financial Planner?and Insurance continuing education credit. For course or program information please email info@teresaleigh.com.

We believe that education is the key to reducing
risk and liability.

Current Publications: a quarterly newsletter in PDF format is published on Household Risk issues of the Affluent and is available only to current clients. For Current White Papers and other printed materials please see our Media page.

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