• On Demand Services
    Our new line of on demand services allows you to gain immediate access to our expertise and counsel. See product and pricing details by clicking the link above.
  • Household & Property Management
    Holistic problem solving and management of all areas of the affluent household. Best practices to quickly identify and problem solve any issues in the home. Practical and prudent household operational budget recommendations.
  • Household Staffing & HR
    Guardianship of the hiring, interview and vetting process for the best domestic employee. Creation of best practices for human resource audits on domestic employees, job descriptions, personnel files, HR policies and protocol.  Compliance information and instruction on Federal and State labor laws.  Management of Human Resource Information System (HRIS).
  • Family Office Services & HR
    Human Resources solutions for the Family Office. Human Resources audits, policy development, compliance with Federal and State labor laws, benefits administration, performance management, counseling and mediation.
  • Advisor
    Provide counseling to clients on household and property management. Our experience in household operations and domestic staff management gives us the expertise to quickly identify problem areas and offer solutions to create an efficient and harmonious household.
  • Living Green
    What is the carbon footprint of your household? Home assessments to calculate your total energy usage and creation of an easy to use "living green" plan for you and your staff. Areas to be covered: water, recycling, renovation and building materials, utilities, food, natural fibers and clothing, cleaning and laundry, travel and transportation and carbon offsetting programs. Continued staff training and support programs are available.
  • Curator
    Specialized field of protecting the art investment: provenance search, appraisals, inventories, insurance issues, care and fire safe storage.

  • House staff · Nanny · Housekeeper · Personal Assistant · Household Manager · Property Management · Family Office Staff
    In House Management · The Family Office · Caregiver · Domestic Service · Nannies · House Management
    Family Office Jobs · Wealth Management · Family Office · Household Services · Family Office Services
    Nannies · Elderly Care · Household · Family Office Jobs · Cleaning House · Care giving
    Domestic Help · Rental Property Management · Executive Personal Assistant
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