• Estate Managers
  • Household Managers
  • C-Level FO Executives
  • Personal Assistants
  • Butlers
  • Personal Chefs
  • Nannies
  • Housekeepers
  • Laundresses
  • Social Secretaries
  • Elder Caregivers
  • FO Client Service Managers
  • Drivers
  • FO Administrative Staff
  • Personal Bookkeepers
  • Property Caretakers
  • Personal Security
  • Landscapers/Gardeners


Networking to locate the best domestic or family office employee can be a daunting task for the affluent household. Our staffing expertise ensures we will find the best candidate for your household or family office's unique needs and remove the stress from the hiring process.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Matchmaking staff to client
  • Interviewing with field experience in domestic service
  • Networking locally for the best candidates
  • Background investigations
  • Salary and compensation trends and evaluations
  • Skills testing
  • Personality and integrity assessments
  • Stewardship of the hiring process
  • Training and continued education

Increased restrictions in U.S. immigration laws and work visas have placed a greater demand for domestic staff who can work legally in the U.S.; as the pool of viable candidates continues to dwindle with each passing year, those candidates who can pass a stringent background and criminal history investigation diminishes exponentially.

Case study notes:  on average, we meet with 39 applicants before 1 will pass to the second stage of the interview and vetting process.

Due to the U.S. unemployment rate of 8%, the number of resumes collected and reviewed by our office increased 100%.

The ratio of resumes to first interviews has jumped from 39-1 to 80-1, meaning we will review 80 résumés for consideration before 1 will be personally interviewed by this office.

The hire ratio reflects the number of resumes collected to the number of viable candidates we introduce to our clients. That ratio has increased to 300-1.

The reason for the high number of resumes collected to the number of viable candidates is the direct result of

  • the high unemployment rate means more people seeking employment
  • candidates will embellish work histories
  • candidates will provide false references
  • candidates will falsify skills and abilities
  • candidates will falsify criminal histories or arrest records
  • candidates will try to hide terminations
  • candidates with no direct experience working inside or for an affluent household will submit their resumes for consideration

We have the expertise in immediately identifying poor candidates, embellished resumes, undesirables and criminals from those seeking employment within the affluent household.

Our Candidate Screening Process: trademark telephone interviewing, Skype interviews and personality profiles, candidate personality and integrity testing, and skills testing is available.

Our success rate is 98 percent with our trademark screening and grading process of every candidate.

Be ‘In the Know?with your own hiring Advisor, helping you step by step through the interviewing and hiring process.

Trivia: Did you know that there are over 50 job titles for employees working for an affluent home and property?
Can you guess which ones?

Resources on staff:
  • Human Resources Specialist with Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Certification
  • Attorney specializing in employment law

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