Case Studies

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"We are thanking our friend everyday for the referral, thanks for being there for us."
    -Chapel Hill, NC

"Thank you for all the great care you have provided to my family; it means the world to me."
     -Washington, DC

"Thanks to you we lowered the chaos level in our homes and as my husband likes to say saved us money." 
     -Charlottesville, VA

"Thank God you're here, what would we do without you?"
     -Raleigh, NC

"This is a very important and valuable service, I feel comfortable knowing you understand the needs of my children and my home."
    -Long Island, NY

"Your honesty and straight forward presentation of the facts gave us the information we needed to make good decisions for our family and our homes. We'll no doubt be seeing you again."
     -Atlanta, GA

"Our clients appreciate your attention to detail. Your service is one of a kind. Thanks for being there for them when they need it most."
      -New York, NY

"We love the care and attention to detail you offer, thank you!"
     -Cary, NC

"I have no time for this but for three and half years we have suffered with the revolving door on our household staff, I had no idea what we were doing or not doing that was causing this to happen, your company solved the problem without causing me undesired stress and aggravation. Plus it saved me money and who doesn't like that! Thank You! "  
     -Richmond, VA

"Wow, I saved thousands of dollars, thank you!"
     -Cary, NC

"I never thought I would say this but you were correct, more staff is not always the best solution."
     -Washington, D.C.

"I feel like a movie star. My home is clean, organized,'s perfect! I feel as though I have arrived. Thank you for this!"
     -Raleigh, NC

"Our family office referred you to us, and after using your services we refer you to our extended family. Thank you "
     - Winston Salem, NC

"Your company gave me piece of mind after resolving an issue with a sub contractor that had been going on for over a year, thanks for making that happen."
     - Hilton Head, SC


"Perfect counsel for my household, very happy wife."
    - Greenwich, CT

"My wealth manager sent her company to me, their staff is kind and professional. They handled many issues with our domestic staff."
    - Montecito, CA

"The Personal Chef you helped us hire last year has been an amazing addition to our household. Your expertise was so helpful and after doing so much hiring on my own I now see how invaluable your services are. The situation has worked out so well and the Personal Chef intends to stay for years to come. I recommend you to anyone who asks how we have done household hiring."
     - Chicago, IL

"We thank our Wealth Manager all the time for the referral to your firm and we look forward to building a long-term relationship with you. We appreciate everything you have done for us!"
     - Los Angeles, CA

"You and your team are a godsend, helping us to think about the big picture and problem solve all the sensitive issues. We cannot express how grateful we are for all of the extra time, energy and kindness you have shown- Angel!"
      - San Francisco, CA

"We never realized there was so much financial risk in managing our staff so casually and in paying people with cash. We never realized it how much of a pain it would be to fix it and make it right. Thank you for making it so easy to resolve."
      - Los Angeles, CA

"We have a horrible history of hiring poorly, so after 10 bad hires, our Wealth Manager suggested we contact you. Our new domestic staff provides a level of service we have always dreamed of. Thank you so much. "
      - Boston, MA

"Thank you for the detailed report, it made everything clear and explained the changes we needed to make, thank you for your patience."
     - Los Angeles, CA

"Whenever we want to know the complete unedited truth we call her, we call more than we should but she is so brilliant about taking the complicated nature of human beings and makes it beautifully and serenely clear. Our growing family can have multiple projects going and she and her staff are always there when we need them. Bless them"
      - Baton Rouge, LA

".....when I first met Teresa I was introduced to her by my dear friend who happens to be my attorney, he said "she is a solver and you have to meet her" I had no earthly idea what a 'solver' was but we did this little dance she likes to do with lunch and we chatted for over three hours about this and that I can say she is a genuine listener and has remarkable insight into ones' little nagging problems and so began our business relationship cleaning up some dreadful household staffing and contractor issues. I'd dare say that I had let them lay there too long.  I had no idea someone like this still existed, when I think I know it all she teaches me something new.  She is kind and we like her very much which says a lot these days. "
     - Fredericksburg, VA

"Thank you for all the extra special customer service your company gave to my family. It is appreciated. We will definitely use your services again."
     - Burlington, VT

"This is a unique service and well worth it. You understood in great detail what we needed. Thank you for the success in our staffing project, we would recommend you anytime."
      - Denver, CO

"I tell everyone I know what a great service you have. My wife and I are delighted. Thank you to you and your gracious staff."
      - Chicago, IL

"To say that Teresa's saved my freakin' ass would be an understatement, she's saved my ass and my money, I love her. You could say I have a bit of an ego. This company is able to handle me and my ego, ……..How's that?"
     - New York, NY

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