Teresa Leigh Household Risk Management
Teresa Leigh Household Risk Management


What is the carbon footprint of your household? We will do an assessment of your household to calculate your total energy usage, then create an easy to use plan for you and your staff to reduce your impact on the environment. You can make a difference! Areas to be covered: water, recycling, renovation and building materials, utilities, food, natural fibers and clothing, cleaning and laundry, travel and transportation and carbon offsetting programs. Continued staff training and support programs are available.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Assessment of current "carbon footprint" of the household
  • Identification of ways to conserve energy and reduce the household's impact on the environment
  • "Easy Green": proactive programs to make living green and living well easy on you, your family, and your staff
  • Staff training on environmentally friendly housekeeping: recycling, green cleaning and laundry products, organic and local grocery shopping and cooking, composting, grey water systems, etc.
  • Sources for organic household interiors and textiles
  • Support information for this lifestyle transition
  • Carbon offsetting programs and information

Living Green Journal



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