Ways to Engage Services

ADVISORY Consultation

Our amazing call in service gives Client’s an instant opportunity connect to a subject matter expert. Granting access to a high level of expertise in the field of hiring and maintaining domestic and property staff, or operational oversight.  By Clicking on the ‘Book an Appointment’ it will offer the choice of 30, 60 or 90 minute consultations, after selecting a time the calendar will offer dates and available times. Calls are confidential and the caller will be speaking with Teresa Leigh.

Recent Calls with Clients

” I hired a ‘seemed perfect at the time’, Nanny/PA but now it seems all she does is talk on her phone, take selfies with my daughter or text, text, text, what can I say to her to get her to focus on my child! We talked about arts and craft projects and going to play dates but none of that has happened, I am about to fire her, what’s the best thing to do first?”
“……….this is driving me crazy too, can you help me understand why my housekeeper is suddenly late everyday, and what can I do? ”                                                                                                                                                                                           “We are thinking about hiring a Household Manager, what do you think would be a good starting salary?  What benefits should we offer for long term employment? “


Support Projects

Clients now have access to expertise on an as needed project by project basis, and are easily managed through Client calls and emails. The Client now has the direct support and expertise to control operational expense or manage a successful household or property hire:

  • Operational oversight review by property
  • Vendor hiring and policies for vetting and management
  • Effective structure for bill pay
  • Managing remote properties during a pandemic
  • Accounting changes to control expense
  • Establishing a Chain of Command
  • Creating structure and policy
  • How to market for best candidates
  • Interviewing top candidates
  • 7 Category Job Description, lowers turnover of new hires
  • Work Life Profiles ( see more information on this page)
  • Non-disclosures with special considerations for social media
  • Insurance reviews on workers compensation
  • House rules and boundary directives
  • Exits, terminations and severance

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 Client Home Visit and Discovery

Meeting with Client in their personal home with expert advisor Teresa Leigh. Ms. Leigh is incredibly empathetic to the unique requirements of each UHNW and HNW Client, carefully advising each Client with options for a successful outcome with their household or property staff.

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 New Hire Project

Hire the very best employee, success rate of 98% includes: marketing, personal interviews and practical skill testing of candidates, matchmaking personality, complete confidentiality for Clients. Presently there are 62 different job titles in the field of domestic service work for the UHNW and HNW Clients household, do you know the right one to choose for the next hire?

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TLHRM Work Life Profile Background Investigation

A TLHRM Work Life Profile Background Investigation: is the highest form of pre-hire security vetting. We offer three stages of pre-hire investigations: 1. phone interviews with top candidates, 2. contacting four work/life references, or 3. interviewing and contacting 8 work/life references.

Reference calls are made by the highly experienced Teresa Leigh HR team. At Client’s request they will receive a written report with each of the reference comments and their contact information.

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Advisor Support
  • Provide a high value service to Client
  • Support a positive Client relationship
  • Increase awareness of adverse trends
  • Increase understanding of staffing expense and risk
  • Research and expertise on cultural changes effecting Clients
  • Assist with resolving Client concerns
  • Proactive awareness of issues
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease risk to through education
  • Expertise on operational household and property expense

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Advisor Education

Learn more about the economic, cultural trends and high risk factors effecting the intimate lives of UHNW and HNW Clients, their families and households.

Recent Presentation Titles:

‘High Risk and Cost of In-Home Elder Care’

‘High Risk of Online Background Investigations’

‘Cultural Changes in U.S. Work Force Driving The Cost of Owning A The UHNW and HNW Household’

‘The Other Succession Plan: The UHNW Household: How Valued Employees Are Aging Out of Their Employment’

To learn more and schedule an education presentation for your team.

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