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The Questions Below Illustrate Client Issues We Have Recently Resolved

1. What are the salary ranges for a Household Manager? What is the difference between a Personal Assistant and a Household Manager?
2. We would like to understand what is the difference between: background checks, employment screenings and background investigations.
3. Can you help counsel an elderly Client on the risks involved of paying staff in personal checks and cash tips, I know the client does not have these employees on payroll. We are pretty sure the employees are either immigrants without work permits or persons that have a dubious past.
4. Our client just hired a Nanny, does the client need to pay her to stay overnight even if she is sleeping?
5. What are the main concerns should my Client decide to outsource the all their household staff, what are the pro's and con's?
6. My Client is frantic, she just learned that there might be an issue of potential sexual harassment between the household Driver and her Nanny, what should be done next?
7. What is the best way to pay employees who are required to drive their personal vehicles to several households of the client, can you help us with this?
8. We have two millennial employees in one clients' household, and the client is having trouble with consistent service levels, is this something you can help her with?
9. Could you help us with a NDA agreement?
10. Is an employment contract with the new Estate Manager the best way to keep them from disclosing sensitive information about my Client?

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