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Searching for a trusted comprehensive resource to recommend to your clients can become an overwhelming and time consuming task. Let us help your clients resolve issues when it comes to their households, properties and employees. Our 35 years of experience and award winning service platforms can quickly assess problems and provide solutions for your clients.


Business transparency and confidentiality is our trademark.

The Questions Below Illustrate Client Issues We Have Recently Resolved

1. We would like to understand what is the difference between: employment screenings, background checks, employment screenings and background investigations.
2. I am trying to get a handle on costs for a large ranch staff, a new client wants us to handle this. Can we team up to resolve this project and give them some numbers?
3. I have several clients with aging parents, could you have a conversation with them regarding in home care? The parents need help but the family is having difficulty with the transition and conversations around this sensitive topic.
4. My Clients parents are showing early signs of dementia, how can we make changes for better care? Maybe retaining some employees while hiring new ones?
5. How can clients collect household items given to employees for their work, like multiple keys and garage remotes when employees leave their jobs, the client does not want a confrontation with employees?
6. Can you make some suggestions on a retirement amount for a Housekeeper, my client did not set up a retirement account and they are looking for a good number?
7. My clients in VA want to exit an employee who has been with them for over 20 years, he holds all the household and property information on his personal laptop, can you help us think through options? My clients do not want a struggle or for this to go public.
8. My client wants to discuss her household employees using social media while they are at work, can we talk about this?
9. My clients mother wants to hire 3 CNA's, what is a CNA and how can we protect her household wealth?
10. Is there a rule of thumb on how to hire safely?

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