For Insurance Professionals

Resolving Risk Concerns For the Affluent Household

Insurance professionals are often the unsung hero’s of a clients’ inter-circle of qualified advisors; able to connect homeowners with Best in Class service providers.  A preeminent resource for client’s is one you trust and respect, we are that firm.

As a nationally recognized and award winning firm with 35 years of experience with households, staff and properties: we unequivocally understand the affluent market.

The Questions Below Illustrate Client Issues We Have Recently Resolved

1. Some of my house employees work at my several businesses, I was told my household employees should not be on a company payroll is that correct? Can you tell me why I keep things as they are?
2. I never got around to doing any reference calls on my new Personal Assistant, can we do those now? I did not think it was important she seemed so eager to start, but now I do.
3. My housekeeper says that after 15 years of working for me she either wants a retirement plan and a raise or she is out of here, new housekeepers would be cheaper wouldn't they? Can we talk about why I shouldn't hire someone new and can she sue me for not giving her a raise?
4. We have a number of aging affluent clients that are becoming more dependent on their older household employees, one employee fell and had a bad accident when trying to pick up her employer, what can be done to lower the risk with this issue?
5. What is the best way to have my clients understand the value of workers compensation? They do not seem to care that it is mandatory in their state.
6. Can you help me with some household rules? I think my employees are using the patio and pool areas when we are away, I do not want to tell them no, I just do not want them using the pool.
7. One of my household employees told me she hurt herself last week in the backyard of our vacation home, she wants to take time off from work and wants to be paid for days off, what do I do now, pay her?
8. I want to hire a live in caretaker for Mom. Mom does not want anyone living on her property what are the downsides to having an employee live on property? They would have an apartment over the carriage house.
9. My elderly client lives on a ranch in remote area of the country, and I am very concerned about the number of new employees I see every time I am there. He now tells me several are living on property. Can we talk through the risk issues with this situation?
10. Can I place a GPS tracking devise on my PA's car? We pay her mileage but I think she is double charging.
11. I hired a Property Manager who's last job was a Golf Course Manager, can you help me train or exit this employee?
12. Can I fire an employee for speaking to me unprofessionally? My House Manager is on my last nerve.
13. My clients are insisting on paying their household employees in either cash or a personal check, can you help me have a conversation with them on this or offer me good talking points?
14. My Client want to hire additional staff can your firm help them with this? What are the risks with new hires?
15. We would like to understand what is the difference between: background checks, employment screenings and background investigations.

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