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Wealth Manager’s have the enormous task of managing their clients wealth and often times listening to clients struggle with staffing or other property concerns, our 35 years of experience managing staff and large properties gives us the ability to quickly assess the issue, and provide viable and cost saving solutions for our clients.  Business transparency and confidentiality is our trademark.

The Questions Below Illustrate Client Issues We Have Recently Resolved

1. What are the salary ranges for a Household Manager? What is the difference between a Personal Assistant and a Household Manager?
2. We would like to understand what is the difference between: background checks, employment screenings and background investigations.
3. Can you help counsel an elderly Client on the risks involved of paying staff in personal checks and cash tips, I know the client does not have these employees on payroll.We are pretty sure the employees are either immigrants without work permits or persons that have a dubious past.
4. What are the main concerns should my Client decide to outsource the all their household staff, what are the pros and cons?
5. My Client is frantic, she just learned that there might be an issue of potential sexual harassment between the household driver and her Nanny, what should be done next?
6. Is an employment contract with the new Estate Manager the best way to keep them from disclosing sensitive information about my Client?
7. I really want to offer help to my Client, who obviously needs a new Personal Assistant, how can I help them without getting to involved?
8. My Client is insisting that the housekeeper use her personal car to pick up the children after school and to run the household errands, can my client make this demand? The housekeeper says "No" she will not use her car. What can we do?
9. Can your firm help my client with an offer letter and a job description?
10. I have several clients with aging parents, could you have a conversation with them regarding in home care? The parents need help but the family is having difficulty with the transition and conversations around this sensitive topic.

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