Expertise & Empathy

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Professional guidance and expertise are paramount to building a high level service platform. The ability to have multiple properties with ‘at the ready’ with trained staff’ and smoothly managed properties requires strategic planning.

As their advisor we know the questions to ask and in what order to ask them. Applying a well developed blend of aggregate and agile project planning to each client request, our expertise and depth of field provides our clients with unparalleled value in every service we provide.

 Let Us Help You

 Our Areas of Expertise

  • Quick identification of risk and problematic areas
  • Understanding the activity level and work environment of a UHNW and HNW household
  • Compliance
  • Domestic and property employee
  • Implementing positive changes
  • Best in class staff new hires
  • Collaboration with team advisors
  • Effective communications
  • Project Management

Phone consultations are among the very popular services we offer our Clients. By clicking the ‘book an appointment’  button, it will offer the choice of 30 minute or 60 minute call, after choosing the time, the online calendar will show available dates and times for the consultation. All calls are confidential and the caller will be speaking directly with Teresa Leigh.

Recent Call In Client Questions:

” I hired a ‘seemed perfect at the time’, Nanny/PA but now it seems all she does is talk on her phone, take selfies with my daughter or text, text, text, what can I say to her to get her to focus on my child! We talked about arts and craft projects and going to play dates but none of that has happened, I am about to fire her, what’s the best thing to do first?”

“……….this is driving me crazy too, can you help me understand why my housekeeper is suddenly late everyday, and what can I do? “

” So what’s the real difference between Personal Assistants and Household Managers?”

” Can you help me figure out if I need two part-time employees or one full time employee?”

” I love to fly fish and I just bought a large remote home that I will only be at 2-3 months max a year, how do I figure out who to hire to help me make sure it is taken care of and ready when I want to come out, can we talk about the differences in caretaker versus a property management company and what’s the cost differences?”

” What do you think is the real difference or concerns I should have about hiring either an Au pair or hiring a nanny?”

” Are other households giving an annual raise and if yes what is the percentage, and do other families just give year end bonuses, both, what is the best thing to do, HELP?”

” I heard that we should hire migrant workers on our ranch because it is safer, they can’t sue us, is this true, what do you think?”

” What is up with not finding good reliable help for my mom, we have hired 5 housekeeper/cooks  and not one of them can do the job, is this normal, are other families having the same problem?”


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