In Home Care

Understanding & Expertise

Elder Care

Homeowner’s who have lived active lives can have great difficulty vocalizing their need for any changes with staff in their homes,  it is often due to a  ‘fear of change’.  We can easily help them transition their staff to provide the level of care and oversight needed. Turning a fear of change into a positive transformation in trusted staff service.

Should family members need guidance to have that difficult conversation with Mom or Dad regarding staff, we are there to help too.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Understanding the active affluent senior client
  • Options for In Home Care; short and long term
  • Counseling clients on the differences in care levels
  • Care level differences CNA vs. LPN Nurse
  • Identifying long term need and transitions of care
  • Changes in staff, new hires and exits
  • Work Life Profiles
  • Expense and Risk Concerns
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Lowering the stress of change
  • Writing house rules for staff

Planning Ahead: driving today might not be an concern for an active senior client but wouldn’t be wonderful if the newly hired Personal Assistant was also an excellent driver; willing to drive the household vehicle to and from doctor appointments, assist with travel and prepare small meals when asked?

We understand the culture and the level of patience required for the affluent homeowner.

Let Us Help You

The Questions Below Illustrate Client Issues We Have Recently Resolved

1. Do you have suggestions about protecting my mothers' jewelry when there are so many workers coming in and out of the house everyday?
2. I'm convinced my dad should have his drivers license taken away, but he keeps telling me he is fine and he can drive himself and mom to the airport, do you have any suggestions on how we can make some immediate changes? I am very concerned he will either get lost or have a serious accident.
3. Is there a safe way to hire if we want to hire one nice lady through a local nursing company?
4. My brother and I are responsible for the 3 workers for my Dad, I was told he was paying them too, I do not want to upset him but I need to get to the bottom of this quickly if these people are being paid twice. Can you tell me what would be the next step?
5. Is there a special rule of thumb when planning the annual expense of in home care?
6. How do we have a conversation with Mom, since dad passed away she lives alone in a huge house and after recovering from hip surgery she seems to be more forgetful and highly agitated when asked even the simplest of questions. Mom can easily afford additional staff and even a driver but she is reluctant to make any change, help me!

An answer will go here.

7. What is the best way to keep new staff from being over curious in my parents' home? My mother said that the new staff was spending too much time in her bedroom alone, I don't know if they are cleaning or doing something they shouldn't. Help.
8. How do I remove a home care nurse I know is stealing from my parents? They hired her, and think she is wonderful and deny there is anything wrong, but I know there are several valuables missing from their home.
9. Our long time housekeeper is now Mom and Dad's care nurse, she is 62 years old. They insist this is what they want but Anna at 62 is unhealthy and unable to do the physical part of the job for instance assisting my mom in the bathroom, now what do I do?
10. I worry about leaving my parents alone with their new nursing helpers, my parents have several valuable collections and are prone to leaving personal financial papers and checks out on the dining table for days ? How can I help them understand that this is not a good idea?
11. If the nurses aide is sleeping while dad is sleeping do I still pay her?
12. The care company we hired sends new workers into my parents home every day, we thought we were having the same care sitters we met on the first day, this really upsets my family, what do we do now?

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