Household and Property Management

Expertise & Project Management


We play the multi-dimensional role of advocate, guardian and expert advisor for our client’s household and properties.

Providing a successful problem solving approach to all areas of the affluent household and property; creating information systems to track operational maintenance calendars and costs, hiring new staff. Advising clients on how to transition: valuable property data, service contracts and vendor relationships.

Areas of Expertise and Service

  • Creating systems for maintaining large complex properties
  • Problem solving project issues
  • Overview support for operational systems
  • Hiring best-in-class subs & vendors
  • Retaining master craftsmen’s for future projects
  • Mediation & conflict resolution
  • Transitional property management
  • Service contract review
  • Specialty ranch, farm and vacation home operations
  • Ranch and Farm systems and costs


Do you know the difference between an employee and an independent contractor, or why it is important to protecting assets?

U.S. labor law requires that when employing workers and vendors, that employers understand there is a clear line of liability between the classification of an employee and an independent contractor. Read our informative article for an easy understanding.

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