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Clients and advisors have a rare opportunity to consult directly with Teresa Leigh via a phone consultation. Ms. Leigh’s 35 years of experience offers a high level of expertise in the field of affluent household management. Blending the art of active listening and science of identifying the real issue, Ms. Leigh can offer suggestions for a quick resolution; saving both time and money.  Scheduling is limited see link for time and date options: Book an appointment

In Home Care

Explore different care options for the affluent homeowner. Understandably, most client’s are not used to slowing down long enough to make changes with their staff, however good planning is prudent and saves resources.  Family members who need support in having difficult conversations regarding staffing changes have us as an ally. We can introduce care level options and costs for in home care. When considering new staff we take into account the desire for long term employment, we use the phase ‘Over Hire’ referring to employees who have additional skills and abilities then are needed at present, we know from experience homeowners’ will certainly need them in the future. Some excellent examples of would be: willingness to drive, shopping, retrieving heavy items, travel support and meal preparations.  We understand the culture and the level of patience that is required to provide an affluent homeowner with the very best in care options.
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Staffing, Human Resources and Compliance

Guardianship of the hiring, interview and vetting process for best in class household and property employees. Creation of best practices, delivering unparalleled Work Life Profile Background Investigations and skill testing of candidates, Non-Disclosure Agreements and Confidentiality Agreements; covering social media concerns, effective job descriptions, offer letters, salary and benefit trends, HR compliance and how to navigate Federal and State labor laws.
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Household, Property and Ranch Management

Holistic problem solving in all areas of the affluent household. How to create effective information systems to track operational costs, guidance on how to hire and manage a great team of staff and vendors. Practical and prudent risk management for a busy household.
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Professional guidance and expertise is paramount to building high level service platform that High Net Worth clients want to achieve. The ability to have multiple properties with ‘at the ready’ trained staff’ and smoothly managed properties requires strategic planning. As their Advisor we know the questions to ask and in what order to ask them. Applying a well developed blend of aggregate and agile project planning to each client request, our expertise and depth of field provides our clients unparalleled value in every service we provide.  We understand this market.
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Family Office Support

Supporting the Family Office team with expertise and knowledge of the affluent household.  We understand their busy lifestyles, multi-state home locations, aging parents, and problematic household staff. Refer to our Talent Management page for employee support of new office hires. Let us help you quickly solve the problem.
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