Ranch and Vacation Properties

Experienced Ranch & Farm Staff, Caretakers & Operational Management


Luxury properties in remote areas of the country have a unique set of struggles sourcing qualified staff and vendors. Workers that will provide a consistent high level of service and aesthetics to their responsibilities.  Teresa Leigh Household Risk Management can quickly identify the needs of the client and match staff and vendors to those service expectations. Creating a peaceful and stress-free environment for luxury 2nd and 3rd home properties.

New hires might include experienced: ranch managers, organic farmers, arborist, project managers, wranglers, walking trail and extreme sports trail management, seasonal workers, support staff, housekeepers, and experienced property caretakers. In addition we offer: interviewing existing staff for possible employment retention, identifying skills and work history.

When clients are hiring staff or vendors for remote properties we encourage them to have the following: non-disclosure agreements with considerations for social media exposure, house and property use rules, and thorough background investigations.

The Questions Below Illustrate Client Issues We Have Recently Resolved

1. The fellow at the local lumber store wants be our ranch manager, I think we need your help with a job description, an offer, but first a pretty thorough background examination. When can we get this done?
2. My wife and I do not want to cook, wash clothes, clean up or shop while we are at our vacation property, it is 30 miles to the nearest town can you solve this?
3. I am interested in learning how to have a conversation about privacy, we recently heard through other people that our renovation project costs were being talked about in the small town where we recent bought a property, how do we ask that this and other sensitive information not be shared?
4. We want to have horses on our ranch, can you tell us what we need in addition to a manager? Can we have someone pick us up at the airport too?
5. What is the difference between hiring a Caretaker and a property management firm?
6. We have a home and several quest cabins on our new property, we would like to invite our friends over for a mini retreat as soon as possible, but my wife says absolutely not, till we have help. Where do we even get started so we can share with beautiful property with our family and friends?
7. Can you assist us with an operational manual of sorts, because we are not here every weekend I need information on what is where and how to turn things off in case of an emergency?
8. What is a wrangler? And do I need to hire them for our property: pros and cons?
9. Is it unrealistic to try to hire a farm type manager to oversee a small organic orchard we have on our property?
10. We want to have chicken on our property, so when we visit with our boys, they can learn about where eggs come from. So can you make this happen, is that a chicken farmer?
11. I have big plans for the main house and the cabins, what is the best way to manage a renovation when we are three thousand miles away? And when should we be thinking about staff on property
12. The aesthetics of our property even though it is way off the beaten path is so important to us, how do we know the workers will apply this to their work?
13. The farm house is in a remote area, I bought this property to go fly fishing on, can you help me hire and oversee part time help or on call help?

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