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From time to time we ask our clients if they would like to offer a testimonial on our services. We are so excited to share with you some of their recent thoughts and comments. Join our list of happy clients and experience the joy of a well managed household.

" You and your team are a Godsend, helping us to think about the big picture and problem solve all the sensitive issues. We cannot express how grateful we are for all of the extra time, energy and kindness you have shown- You are an Angel"

San Francisco, CA

" Teresa is the most genuinely gifted person when it comes to understanding the needs of all my households, I have a crazy busy life and she makes communicating any which way I need to. It works, she's really great."

McClean, VA

" We are thankful to our attorney for the referral, thanks for being there for us and our children."

Minneapolis, MN

"My wealth manager said that giving you a call would be worth it. It was the best advice he has given me in a long time. We hired your firm, and very quickly a metamorphic event happened: My wife is happy, my kids stopped screaming and there is a calmness and peace in my home that the new staff has brought. Thank you for making the ‘impossible’ possible, and solving all those nagging credit card return issues. You are the best."

Venice, CA

" It has been a very long time indeed since my wife and I encountered such a fine team of professionals as those at Teresa Leigh Household Risk Management. Every person we speak with is kind, warm and friendly. Every time I call on Teresa’s team, they know my name, understand my situation, and comfort me with the right information. When I was working full time, I would have hired them all to work for me "

Sarasota, FL

" I never really thought that paying my house staff with my personal check was a problem. I never worried about it ever. All my friends do it. What’s the big deal? But after a lawsuit was suggested by my household manager for wages she thought she was owed, I had no documentation to prove I had paid her. My wealth manager suggested we give your firm a call. Thank you to your team for clearing up that really messy problem and righting a wrong I never knew I was making. Double yikes! I feel like we barely dodged being in the tabloids for sure."

Montecito, CA

" I would say that if people want true information on property staff and salaries, and other sensitive topics regarding their homes. They should not hesitate to call and hear the truth from you. I do love that about your communication style there is zero BS, got to love that. "

Las Vegas, NV

"Unbelievably kind, insightful, knowledgeable, and gracious is how I would describe Teresa Leigh and her team. Communication is candid, honest, documented and is brilliantly focused on our short and long term goals. We could not have been happier and felt more appreciated as her client, we continue to use her firms' services today and I dare say we will for the foreseeable future."

Thomasville, GA

" Thank you for all the extra special customer service your company gave to my family. It is appreciated. We will definitely use your services again. "

Burlington, VT

" Perfect way for me not worry about whether we were paying our household employees enough or too much. Your advice really helped me make some better decisions. "

Montclair, NJ

" You just seem to know what changes needed to be made, I thought I knew how to do this but I think times have changed. Thank you for the great success with our latest project, we would recommend you anytime."

Denver, CO

" After every call to your firm, I feel better, more relaxed, and confident that all projects under your management and guidance were handled to perfection, and I refer you to all my friends who I know need your help. "

Westchester, CT

" Thank you for the detailed report, it made everything clear and explained the changes we needed to make, thank you for your patience. "

Los Angeles, CA

" Whenever we want to know the complete unedited truth we call her, we call more than we should but she is so brilliant about taking the complicated nature of human beings and makes it beautifully and serenely clear. Our growing family can have multiple projects going and she and her staff are always there when we need them. Bless them. "

Baton Rouge, LA

" I never thought I would say this but you were correct, more staff is not always the best solution."

Washington, D.C.

" Three and half years we suffered with the revolving door on our household staff, 3-5 employees came and went. I had no idea what we were doing or not doing that was causing this to happen. You could see the problem straight away and solved it without causing me undue stress and aggravation. Plus it saved me money and who doesn’t like that! Thank You. "

Richmond, VA

"Thanks to you we lowered the chaos level in our homes and as my husband likes to say saved us money."

Charlottesville, VA

" Your company gave me peace of mind after resolving an issue with a sub contractor that had been going on for over a year, thanks for making that happen. "

Hilton Head, SC

" This is a unique service and well worth it. You understood in great detail what we needed. Thank you for the success in our staffing project. We would recommend you anytime. "

Denver, CO

" We have a horrible history of hiring poorly, so after 10 really bad Personal Assistant hires, our Wealth Manager suggested we contact you. Our new domestic staff provides a level of service we have always dreamed of. Thank you so much. "

Boston, MA

" This is a very important and valuable service to anyone who needs help in their homes, I feel super comfortable knowing you understand the care needs of my children and my home. "

Long Island, NY

" The Personal Chef you helped us hire last year has been an amazing addition to our household. Your expertise was so helpful, and after doing so much hiring on my own, I now see how invaluable your services are. The situation has worked out so well, and the Personal Chef intends to stay for years to come. I recommend you to anyone who asks how we have done household hiring."

Chicago, IL

"I asked if you could help me think through how to create and hire a team of caregivers for my Dad and you have outdone anything I could have imagined his care level to be. He has a lovely person who reads to him his favorite books, drives him around to his old mates houses for hours of WWII conversations, makes him his favorite blend of tea and takes him on walks around the property with his little dog Toby. When I call in, he tells me about his days' adventures, he sounds 15 years younger. For what I am sure is just sheer happiness and contentment. Thank you for helping with my dad and matchmaking the dream team of care."

Nashville, TN

" Hiring help for my 'Glam-mom' is not what it used to be, I went through 5 housekeeper/caregivers before calling you. Now we have the perfectly matched in home care for my 'Glam-Mom' and happiness for all of us, her well meaning children. You are blessed with many happy-happy clients here in the Seattle area."

Seattle, WA

" Taking the stress out of hiring help for our parents was a Godsend, with your assistance we have a much better idea of how to manage this transition of care. We send you referrals all the time. "

West Palm Beach, FL

" I never understood why we had so many employees leave. With your help and guidance now we know how to keep good help. I have recommended your firm to all our friends. "

Jackson Hole, WY

"Who knew that finding good household staff could be so difficult. Thank you so much for taking the worry out of the process. Your practical skill testing on candidates really rocks."

San Francisco, CA

" Wow, I saved thousands of dollars thanks to you. Who knew there were better questions to ask a new vendor. You Rock!"

New York, New York

" Every day I thank God that we have you and your firm to help us with all this stress of having employees, who knew! Best of all we now know who to call on to help Mom and Dad, I do not worry anymore, thank you for your kindness. "

Santa Monica, CA

" Thank you for all the great care you have provided to my family; it means the world to me. "

Washington, DC

" I feel like a movie star. My home is clean, organized, well…it’s perfect! I feel as though I have arrived. Thank you for this."

Raleigh, NC

" Our clients appreciate your attention to detail. Your service is one of a kind. Thanks for being there for them when they needed it most."

New York, NY

"Your firm has made this crazy transition of property acquisitions so easy for us; I am sure I would have lost my mind a million times without your expertise and calming energy."

Palo Alto, CA

"To say that Teresa’s saved my freakin’ ass would be an understatement, she’s saved my ass and my money, I love her. You could say I have a bit of an ego. This company is able to handle me and my ego…How’s that? "

New York, NY

" I tell everyone what great service your firm provides. My wife and I are delighted. Thank you to you and your gracious staff."

Chicago, IL

" Thank you for your honesty and straight forward presentation of the facts. We needed that to make better decisions for our family and our homes. We will no doubt be seeing you again soon."

Atlanta, GA

" We thank our Wealth Manager all the time for the referral to your firm, and we look forward to building a long-term relationship with you. We appreciate everything you have done for us. "

Los Angeles, CA

"Social media scares the life out of my wife, not me so much, but it seems everyone knows when we are traveling. Teresa's guidance and some newly added employee policies changed all of that."

Fort Worth, TX

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