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Searching for a trusted comprehensive resource to recommend to your clients can become an overwhelming and time-consuming task. Let us help your clients resolve issues when it comes to their households, properties and family offices. Our 37 years of experience and award-winning service platforms can quickly assess problems and provide fast solutions for your clients.

Business transparency and confidentiality are our trademarks.

Client Projects We Have Recently Resolved:

“My client has concerns about her household employees using social media while they are at work. She thinks they are posting images of the interior of the house. What can we do?”

“Is there a rule of thumb on how to hire safely?”

“I have a client who recently purchased a large working ranch. They want to add staff, including horse wranglers, and provide staff housing. Can we team up to help them and give them some numbers?”

“Can you make some suggestions on a retirement amount for a housekeeper. My client did not set up a retirement account, and they are looking for a good number?”

“My father recently passed, and I would like to help my mom better manage their two properties, but we need help understanding any security concerns, the cost of some small renovations, and employing workers. Could you help us? ”

“I have several clients with aging parents. The families are having difficulty with the transition and conversations around this sensitive topic. Would it be possible to have a conversation with them and talk through their options?”

“We would like to understand the difference between employment screenings and background checks versus employment screenings and background investigations. Do you recommend one over the other?”

“I am looking for ‘family’ expertise. We can not agree on how to manage our dad’s living alone and his care. He is pushing back on everything we come up with, and we know that he cannot live in that big house by himself. When could we schedule a call?”

“I have a client in VA who wants to exit an employee who has been with them for over 20 years. The employee holds all the household and property information on his personal laptop. When asked for the information, the employee refused. My clients do not want a struggle or for this to go public; they just need an easy resolution. We heard you can help us with this type of situation. When can we connect?”

“The parents of a very dear client are showing very early signs of dementia. Unfortunately, my client lives 2000 miles away from the family estate. How can we suggest options for their care?”



Lakeland, Colorado
“I am a new mom of twin boys and one 10-year-old with special needs. Teresa is the wonder woman advisor in my life. She managed all the details so we could hire long-term helpers. I have Teresa on speed dial.”


Richmond, Virginia, Fort Worth, Texas, Cumberland, Maine
“Teresa is our advisor and guidepost, providing practical solutions for our family office staff and vendors. She is a master at navigating important relationships. My family and I highly recommend this firm—very easy to work with.”


Boca Raton, Florida
“New houses, cars, crazy life—I needed help putting it all together. Management of people and projects ain't my thing. Teresa made it easy for me, and I can’t say enough good words about her. She is the best.”


"We have worked successfully with Teresa Leigh since early 2018. She is the expert advisor we needed on our team. She is amazing—recommend highly."


Seattle, Washington
“My husband and I were referred by a dear friend. We were struggling to care for my aging parents while dealing with renovation projects and were positive more than one vendor was double dipping on billing. Teresa and her team prioritized a project list and solved the problems. We even received a refund from a vendor. Thank God for Teresa.”


Atlanta, Georgia
“Teresa is so easy and chill to talk with. She makes life easier for me and my kids. I would offer a recommendation of her advisory service to every family."


"I love when people exceed my expectations. Teresa does this in spades. We have been working together for five years plus. She is always there when I need the best insight and guidance. Best advisor I ever hired."


Raleigh, North Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina
“Whenever I have a concern or I am not 100% sure of what to do, I just run it by Teresa. After nine years and three houses, she knows me very well. This is the company to contact for property and staff expertise.”


Ann Arbor, Michigan
“Great firm. We had just acquired a large property out of state and needed help with all kinds of things. Teresa's counsel was dead on and gave us immediate direction for next steps. We have continued to engage services for over 10 years.”


Greenwich, Connecticut, Palm Beach, Florida
“I hired Teresa to help my mother and father on the hiring and day-to-day employment of caregivers and household staff. Teresa is a gem. She is patient beyond belief. My mom is so happy. My family gives her the highest recommendation.”


"I would recommend Teresa to everyone dealing with problematic household or property vendors. She is the best there is on these matters."


"I am grateful every day for the wonderful help Ms. Leigh has brought into my life. She has helped me to hire a bookkeeper, a personal assistant, a nanny for my daughter and made organization of all my life. I am blessed beyond words to know her and to recommend her magnificent skills."


"Hiring Teresa's firm in 2016 was the best decision I ever made for our family office. Teresa is fantastic. We would recommend her firm to every family or family office."


"The family office I work for hired Teresa for an elderly family member in need of complex care. The family was overjoyed with her service and her sensitivity. All of us would happily recommend Teresa."


Salt Lake City, Utah Quebec, Canada, Boston, Massachusetts
“I hired Teresa Leigh's firm for advisory, staff management, and human resources. Teresa has incredible insight and understanding of our long-term goals. Simply put, a must have advisory firm."


St. Augustine, Florida, Brooklyn, New York
“This is the best advisory service. Teresa is there when I need her, listening, lowering the stress level, so I can focus on creating a peaceful household for my family.”


Nashville, Tennessee
“My family office recommended Teresa. We have worked together on projects over the last 12 years. We value her advice. She is super chill to talk with. It’s a little like therapy, a pep talk, and problem solving all put together. I thoroughly enjoy our time together and look forward to our next Zoom call.”


SFO Memphis, Tennessee
“Teresa really understands the needs of our families. Over the last four to five years, Teresa has helped us successfully hire six new staff members for our office and properties. Teresa's ability to match candidates to our culture, personality, and skill requirements is remarkably accurate. We have had zero turnover since working with her firm. I would recommend her service to all family offices.“


Providence, Rhode Island
“My mom said contact Ms. Leigh to help with my new house problems. I am very glad to work with her. Teresa is always willing to listen and guide me to make the good decisions. I have saved a lot of money and hired good employees with her helping us. My dad in California also uses Ms. Leigh’s company; it is the very best. 감사합니다 Thank you."


Portland Oregon, Reno, Nevada
“My word, where do I begin? Teresa has worked as an advisor for our family for over 15 years. She is wonderful at listening and understanding my problems; sometimes I can’t even vocalize them myself. An emotional issue we dealt with recently—my mom was doing great at the age of 81 and then she wasn’t. Teresa helped us to hire a full-time care team and communicated all the details with our family office. I thank God every day for her being in our lives.”


Palo Alto, California, Austin, Texas
“We have worked with Teresa for a little over eight years. We started with two homes and bought a ranch in Southern California. Teresa stepped into our lives, hired staff, created structure, and streamlined the accounting and communication processes. Teresa is a lifesaver. Her sincerity, sensitivity, and guidance are unparalleled.”


Founder-Family Office, Denver, Colorado
“We have had great success with a number of complex family office staffing issues. Teresa has a remarkable way of listening and getting straight to identifying the problem and presenting us a quick solution. Truly remarkable skills.”


"Teresa helped us get organized after we sold our company. We purchased a large working ranch, a beach house, and a tree house. Teresa managed all of our hires and payroll. Her team created a preferred vendors' list for each location and made a brilliant introduction to a celebrity horse trainer. This firm is truly best in class."


Bal Harbour, Florida, Chicago, Illinois, Sun Valley, Idaho
“We are a particular family. My friend made the introduction to Ms. Teresa. She is good listener, very respectful to my family, and smart person. She has helped my family have a good life. I send my friends to her good service.”


Venice Beach, California
“I’ve successfully worked with Teresa for many years. She is a great listener and her counsel is always on target. I really enjoy working with her."


CFO Family Office, Atlanta, Georgia
"Our family office hit the jackpot when we hired Teresa's firm. I would wholeheartedly recommend this firm."


"I hired Teresa to help me with my 93-year-old mother. Teresa was able to get me through finding the right care for her and then hiring staff for my own homes. I cannot say enough kind words to express my appreciation for Teresa's excellent service and care for my mother."


Monterey, California
“Our family office needed guidance on a new position. Teresa introduced us to the perfect chief of staff. We enjoy working with the her and her team—very professional.”


Lake Tahoe, Nevada, Montecito, California
“My husband and I were referred to Teresa by our wealth advisor. We have a remote property with house and farm helpers. Since we hired Teresa in 2014, the turnover has stopped. We love working with her!”


Princeton, New Jersey
“Teresa offers us a safe place to talk through a variety of topics. We call her for insight, candor, and problem solving. My brother and I highly recommend Teresa. You’ll be in good hands.”

Testimonials are direct quotes from our clients, however their likeness and names are confidential

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