Service Provider Sourcing

Hiring The Best Service Providers

Hiring world-class service providers for home and family office can be as easy as a phone call.
Teresa Leigh Home and Family Office has the expertise to personally introduce the very best service providers to our clients.

Areas of Expertise: Service Providers

  • Project timeline
  • Skill and expertise
  • Personality and culture match
  • Business credentials
  • Project management

Each referral is customized specific to our clients request. Our success rate is 100%, saving our clients valuable time and resources.

5 Best Practices for Service Providers

  • Independent contractor status
  • Business success for a minimum of five years
  • Excellent project references
  • Business license and insurance requirements
  • Transparency in bidding and billing policies

Our 100% success rate is driven by our belief that each client is unique and a stand-alone referral simply will not do. We ask more questions and dig deeper and until we fully understand the need of our client.
We get it right the first time.

The Advisor to Have

Finding the advisor who provides the guidance you need and the empathy you deserve doesn’t have to be a long road. With just one call to Teresa Leigh, you’ll stop thinking about what’s troubling you, and start doing what you never thought was possible.

Client Projects We Have Recently Resolved

“I would like to purchase a piece of property north of Livingston, Montana, but before making a formal offer I’d like to have an appraisal and a review of the property survey and water rights. Can we talk before the end of the week?”

“Is there such a thing as a long-term dog-cat-critter-house sitter person or company? I’d like to travel with my boyfriend but don’t want to kennel my animals. How would this work? Can you help me not to freak out?”

“We would like to move several stone sculptures from our home in upstate New York to our home in south Florida. I do not want to be here or there when this takes place. Can you hire a reputable company to move the sculptures?”

“I would like to renovate our summer house with a focus on using only organic materials and installing solar power. We would like your assistance in locating the perfect craftsman.”

“Thank you for finding a stone mason to repair the wall up to the house. Great job! Now we need a wood floor guy to repair the floors while we are away this fall. Call me.”

“I’d like to hire a delivery service for food several days a week. My wife is a strict vegan; my three children and I are not. We would like for food service to start soon. What are our options?”

“This may sound like a crazy question, but we lost slate tiles from our 100-year-old roof a few years ago and never got around to replacing them. Now we have a leak. Can you find someone to help us?”

“What is the secret to hiring honest tradesmen for a large home?”

“We hired a local plumber we heard was a reputable company. His project was to install new items into the primary bath. Lately he is unreachable and the job is not completed, we are over 37 days without contact with him. Can you help us with this?”

“My husband and I would like to hire an architect to design a guest house on our property. What would be next steps?”



"I hired Teresa to help me with my 93-year-old mother. Teresa was able to get me through finding the right care for her and then hiring staff for my own homes. I cannot say enough kind words to express my appreciation for Teresa's excellent service and care for my mother."


Bal Harbour, Florida, Chicago, Illinois, Sun Valley, Idaho
“We are a particular family. My friend made the introduction to Ms. Teresa. She is good listener, very respectful to my family, and smart person. She has helped my family have a good life. I send my friends to her good service.”


"I love when people exceed my expectations. Teresa does this in spades. We have been working together for five years plus. She is always there when I need the best insight and guidance. Best advisor I ever hired."


Ann Arbor, Michigan
“Great firm. We had just acquired a large property out of state and needed help with all kinds of things. Teresa's counsel was dead on and gave us immediate direction for next steps. We have continued to engage services for over 10 years.”

Holland and Abbie

"Our family is huge with a never-ending list of projects. Teresa can quickly get to the heart of an issue. She provided us with life-changing insights into staff and vendor relationships that were truly enlightening! We respect her guidance and recommend her to our friends and colleagues."


"Now that I have the best advisor I could have asked for, my complicated life is a lot less stressful. I love working with Teresa."


"The family office I work for hired Teresa for an elderly family member in need of complex care. The family was overjoyed with her service and her sensitivity. All of us would happily recommend Teresa."


Atlanta, Georgia
“Teresa is so easy and chill to talk with. She makes life easier for me and my kids. I would offer a recommendation of her advisory service to every family."


Lake Tahoe, Nevada, Montecito, California
“My husband and I were referred to Teresa by our wealth advisor. We have a remote property with house and farm helpers. Since we hired Teresa in 2014, the turnover has stopped. We love working with her!”


Richmond, Virginia, Fort Worth, Texas, Cumberland, Maine
“Teresa is our advisor and guidepost, providing practical solutions for our family office staff and vendors. She is a master at navigating important relationships. My family and I highly recommend this firm—very easy to work with.”


CFO Family Office, Atlanta, Georgia
"Our family office hit the jackpot when we hired Teresa's firm. I would wholeheartedly recommend this firm."


Portland Oregon, Reno, Nevada
“My word, where do I begin? Teresa has worked as an advisor for our family for over 15 years. She is wonderful at listening and understanding my problems; sometimes I can’t even vocalize them myself. An emotional issue we dealt with recently—my mom was doing great at the age of 81 and then she wasn’t. Teresa helped us to hire a full-time care team and communicated all the details with our family office. I thank God every day for her being in our lives.”


Miami, Florida
“A word to describe Teresa is one badass advisor. There is no bull sh*t with her guidance. It's full-on straight talk. Teresa has successfully problem-solved the sh*t out of everything I have ever sent her. I would highly recommend contacting her.”


"We have worked successfully with Teresa Leigh since early 2018. She is the expert advisor we needed on our team. She is amazing—recommend highly."


San Francisco, California, Seattle, Washington
“Hands down the best advisor I have ever hired. They have helped me and my husband for over 11 years. Teresa and her team are truly unique in their ability to expedite flawlessly all the projects I send them. Teresa Leigh is my go-to advisor for home, vendors, and employees.”


Salt Lake City, Utah Quebec, Canada, Boston, Massachusetts
“I hired Teresa Leigh's firm for advisory, staff management, and human resources. Teresa has incredible insight and understanding of our long-term goals. Simply put, a must have advisory firm."

William and Suzanna

Austin, Texas
“After my mother's debilitating stroke and my dad lost the car, we had no clue how to manage our parents care options. Teresa listened to our heartache, made sense of all the chaos, and provided quick solutions we were happy with. Very grateful for this wonderful service.”


SFO Memphis, Tennessee
“Teresa really understands the needs of our families. Over the last four to five years, Teresa has helped us successfully hire six new staff members for our office and properties. Teresa's ability to match candidates to our culture, personality, and skill requirements is remarkably accurate. We have had zero turnover since working with her firm. I would recommend her service to all family offices.“


"Teresa helped us get organized after we sold our company. We purchased a large working ranch, a beach house, and a tree house. Teresa managed all of our hires and payroll. Her team created a preferred vendors' list for each location and made a brilliant introduction to a celebrity horse trainer. This firm is truly best in class."


COO Family Office, Boston, Massachusetts
“Teresa helped us settle a situation with property employees and back wages owed. This was successfully resolved and we retained our employees!Teresa is best at resolving delicate problems with staff. Highly recommend her firm and services.”


"We are so grateful for Teresa; having her as our advisor over the past few years has been a true gift and an amazing asset to our family office. Her years of knowledge and hands-on experience have assisted us greatly in the efficiency of our household staff and private estate management. We immediately developed a great rapport and partnership, and it’s only strengthened over the years. No matter the issue and/or concern, Teresa Leigh is always our first call and the expert on helping resolve the problem."


Big Sky-Bozeman, Montana, Portland, Oregon
“I love working with Teresa and her team, a highly professional group. We have been working with Teresa 11 years plus and would highly recommend their service.”


Monterey, California
“Our family office needed guidance on a new position. Teresa introduced us to the perfect chief of staff. We enjoy working with the her and her team—very professional.”


Fort Worth, Texas
“I trust all my household property issues to Teresa. She is a gem to work with. Teresa listens and gives me a new way to communicate. It has been very effective, and my staff seems happier than ever. We've been working together for over 12 years. I highly recommend her service.”


SFO Charleston, South Carolina
“Teresa is one of the most authentic people I have ever met. Her counsel is honest, straightforward, and exceptionally insightful. Teresa comes highly endorsed by our entire team.”


Scottsdale, Arizona Baja, California
“Teresa solved a complicated vendor over-billing problem. Teresa's office contacted the vendor on our behalf and resolved the issue in less than two weeks. A highly effective and professional team."


Hilton Head, South Carolina
“I would recommend this firm to anyone with a home who does not want the worry of making decisions all on their own. Call Teresa; she will make your life so much easier.”


SFO Mountain View, California
“Teresa Leigh is one of the best advisors our office has ever hired. Her counsel is incredibly helpful and offers us a new perspective. Our family office has five high-profile families with multiple homes all over the world. Our team would strongly endorse Teresa’s expertise.”


Princeton, New Jersey
“Teresa offers us a safe place to talk through a variety of topics. We call her for insight, candor, and problem solving. My brother and I highly recommend Teresa. You’ll be in good hands.”


Matriarch of SFO, Cincinnati, Ohio
“Teresa has worked for me and my family office for over 11 years. We first hired her to help us resolve a rather unfortunate staff termination. It was mission accomplished in quick time minus the drama. Teresa is one of the family and knows us so well. My family and I would with great honor recommend her service.”

Testimonials are direct quotes from our clients, however their likeness and names are confidential

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