An Impressive 98% Success Rate With New Hires—That’s Talent

We listen carefully to our clients, matching personalities, work culture and specific requirements of the job. The level of personalized individual attention we offer every client ensures we introduce the right candidate the very first time.

Your new employee is a phone call away.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Identifying client need
  • Interviewing
  • Compensation and benefits requirements
  • Team building
  • Work-life profile investigations
  • Reference verification
  • Personality, skills, and integrity testing
  • Stewardship of the hiring process
  • Orientation for new employees
  • Setting employee goals

The TLHFO Ethonomics Candidate Testing Platform©

The groundbreaking candidate testing methodology was created and developed by Teresa Leigh and is customized for each client project. The TLHFO ethonomics testing platform includes the following:

  • Interview questionnaire
  • Job specific skill testing
  • Personality testing
  • Integrity testing
  • Practical skill testing
  • Field testing

Building Trust and Personal Relationships

Our award-winning success is based on getting it right the first time.

There is no other company that can compare to our level of expertise and service.



Big Sky-Bozeman, Montana, Portland, Oregon
“I love working with Teresa and her team, a highly professional group. We have been working with Teresa 11 years plus and would highly recommend their service.”


"The family office I work for hired Teresa for an elderly family member in need of complex care. The family was overjoyed with her service and her sensitivity. All of us would happily recommend Teresa."


"Now that I have the best advisor I could have asked for, my complicated life is a lot less stressful. I love working with Teresa."


"Teresa stepped in to help us with an uncomfortable child care hire and managed the employee's exit. Teresa hired a perfect Educator Nanny for our growing family who happily travels with us all over the world. Teresa has my family's highest recommendation."


SFO Mountain View, California
“Teresa Leigh is one of the best advisors our office has ever hired. Her counsel is incredibly helpful and offers us a new perspective. Our family office has five high-profile families with multiple homes all over the world. Our team would strongly endorse Teresa’s expertise.”


"This firm is my first call for all things home and life. Teresa is exceptional at making sense of employee relationships. I'll be the first one to make a referral."


"I am grateful every day for the wonderful help Ms. Leigh has brought into my life. She has helped me to hire a bookkeeper, a personal assistant, a nanny for my daughter and made organization of all my life. I am blessed beyond words to know her and to recommend her magnificent skills."


Ann Arbor, Michigan
“Great firm. We had just acquired a large property out of state and needed help with all kinds of things. Teresa's counsel was dead on and gave us immediate direction for next steps. We have continued to engage services for over 10 years.”


"Hiring Teresa's firm in 2016 was the best decision I ever made for our family office. Teresa is fantastic. We would recommend her firm to every family or family office."


COO Family Office, Boston, Massachusetts
“Teresa helped us settle a situation with property employees and back wages owed. This was successfully resolved and we retained our employees!Teresa is best at resolving delicate problems with staff. Highly recommend her firm and services.”


New York, New York & Dublin, Ireland
“Teresa's advisory service is my favorite—hands down the best. They manage everything and make it look easy.”


Seattle, Washington
“My husband and I were referred by a dear friend. We were struggling to care for my aging parents while dealing with renovation projects and were positive more than one vendor was double dipping on billing. Teresa and her team prioritized a project list and solved the problems. We even received a refund from a vendor. Thank God for Teresa.”


"Teresa provides a one-of-a-kind service to family offices and the families we serve. A unique mix of expert, counselor, advisor, coach and service provider. All of us think the world of her and her team; would highly recommend."


Founder-Family Office, Denver, Colorado
“We have had great success with a number of complex family office staffing issues. Teresa has a remarkable way of listening and getting straight to identifying the problem and presenting us a quick solution. Truly remarkable skills.”


Bal Harbour, Florida, Chicago, Illinois, Sun Valley, Idaho
“We are a particular family. My friend made the introduction to Ms. Teresa. She is good listener, very respectful to my family, and smart person. She has helped my family have a good life. I send my friends to her good service.”


"We are so grateful for Teresa; having her as our advisor over the past few years has been a true gift and an amazing asset to our family office. Her years of knowledge and hands-on experience have assisted us greatly in the efficiency of our household staff and private estate management. We immediately developed a great rapport and partnership, and it’s only strengthened over the years. No matter the issue and/or concern, Teresa Leigh is always our first call and the expert on helping resolve the problem."


"Teresa helped us get organized after we sold our company. We purchased a large working ranch, a beach house, and a tree house. Teresa managed all of our hires and payroll. Her team created a preferred vendors' list for each location and made a brilliant introduction to a celebrity horse trainer. This firm is truly best in class."


Scottsdale, Arizona Baja, California
“Teresa solved a complicated vendor over-billing problem. Teresa's office contacted the vendor on our behalf and resolved the issue in less than two weeks. A highly effective and professional team."


Fort Worth, Texas
“I trust all my household property issues to Teresa. She is a gem to work with. Teresa listens and gives me a new way to communicate. It has been very effective, and my staff seems happier than ever. We've been working together for over 12 years. I highly recommend her service.”


Racine, Wisconsin
"Teresa thankfully came into my life just after the loss of my husband. I appreciate all she has done for me and my extended family. Teresa is a very knowledgeable and kind person."


Princeton, New Jersey
“Teresa offers us a safe place to talk through a variety of topics. We call her for insight, candor, and problem solving. My brother and I highly recommend Teresa. You’ll be in good hands.”


Boca Raton, Florida
“New houses, cars, crazy life—I needed help putting it all together. Management of people and projects ain't my thing. Teresa made it easy for me, and I can’t say enough good words about her. She is the best.”


Miami, Florida
“A word to describe Teresa is one badass advisor. There is no bull sh*t with her guidance. It's full-on straight talk. Teresa has successfully problem-solved the sh*t out of everything I have ever sent her. I would highly recommend contacting her.”


Palo Alto, California, Austin, Texas
“We have worked with Teresa for a little over eight years. We started with two homes and bought a ranch in Southern California. Teresa stepped into our lives, hired staff, created structure, and streamlined the accounting and communication processes. Teresa is a lifesaver. Her sincerity, sensitivity, and guidance are unparalleled.”


"I would recommend Teresa to everyone dealing with problematic household or property vendors. She is the best there is on these matters."


Hilton Head, South Carolina
“I would recommend this firm to anyone with a home who does not want the worry of making decisions all on their own. Call Teresa; she will make your life so much easier.”


Atlanta, Georgia
“Teresa is so easy and chill to talk with. She makes life easier for me and my kids. I would offer a recommendation of her advisory service to every family."


SFO Charleston, South Carolina
“Teresa is one of the most authentic people I have ever met. Her counsel is honest, straightforward, and exceptionally insightful. Teresa comes highly endorsed by our entire team.”

William and Suzanna

Austin, Texas
“After my mother's debilitating stroke and my dad lost the car, we had no clue how to manage our parents care options. Teresa listened to our heartache, made sense of all the chaos, and provided quick solutions we were happy with. Very grateful for this wonderful service.”


Providence, Rhode Island
“My mom said contact Ms. Leigh to help with my new house problems. I am very glad to work with her. Teresa is always willing to listen and guide me to make the good decisions. I have saved a lot of money and hired good employees with her helping us. My dad in California also uses Ms. Leigh’s company; it is the very best. 감사합니다 Thank you."

Testimonials are direct quotes from our clients, however their likeness and names are confidential

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