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People Management: Hiring And Retaining Top Talent

Managing home and family office staff takes incredible skill, patience, and expertise. Clients prefer Teresa Leigh Home and Family Office’s customized approach to Human Resources for all of their employees.

Employ Highly Skilled Staff

Perfect Match to Work Culture

Management Support and Counseling

Happy Employees

Employee Counseling

Positive Work Environment


Our Top 10 Human Resource Suggestions for Employers

  • The Employee Handbook
  • New Hire Policy
  • Payroll Guidelines
  • Job Description
  • Offer Letter
  • Orientation
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) Use Policy
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Employment Policies

Today, employers make an enormous investment of time and resources to hire staff. Let us help you hire the very best employees and create a positive work environment to retain that investment.

Salary & Benefits

I’m not sure what type of salary or benefits my family office should offer.

We provide clients with the latest employee salary and benefit trends by job title, experience, and geographic region. These figures are based on the employees’ performance evaluations, skill level, proactive management of their duties, consistent service levels, and tenure goals.

HR Policy

What is HR policy and how can this increase better communication with staff and lower the stress level with managing our employees?

Our HR policies are customized per client project examples include the management of paid time off use, guidelines for meals, breaks and employee parking, security access and credit card assignment. Employee turnover can be reduced with written communications and expectations from management. Let us help you create an effective HR department.

Employee Performance Evaluations

Since their hire, our employees have not had performance evaluations, why would it be a good thing to start now? 

Our customized employee performance reviews are an invaluable tool for retaining good employees. Let us help you build a great team.

Wage Settlements

Are you able to properly answer employees’ questions regarding their wages, e.g., unpaid overtime, holiday pay, on-call time, travel time, and mileage reimbursements?

Our expertise can quickly answer the questions and lower the risk of wage disputes.
Should a client have a long-term issue regarding unpaid employee wages we can calculate monies owed and present a potential settlement.

Payroll & Schedule Support

Is the present system of tracking employee hours worked compliant with the federal and state guidelines, and is it documented in case of a question or dispute?

We offer clients peace of mind by supporting the payroll process and HR polices. We can liaison with accounting should there be a request for further documentation.

HR Advisory Services

Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed when dealing with employees?

We offer support counseling to management and employees.

Workers’ Compensation

Is having workers’ compensation insurance really worth it even if you can pay the hospital bill for an employee injured on the job?

Yes, workers’ compensation insurance is a low-cost insurance product that can help clients save thousands of dollars on employee recovery and loss of wage earnings.
We can manage the documentation in case of an employee accident or injury and communicate needed information to the insurance provider. It is important to note that workers’ compensation is mandatory in most U.S. states whether or not the employer can or agrees to pay for the injuries of their employees.



Miami, Florida
“A word to describe Teresa is one badass advisor. There is no bull sh*t with her guidance. It's full-on straight talk. Teresa has successfully problem-solved the sh*t out of everything I have ever sent her. I would highly recommend contacting her.”


Big Sky-Bozeman, Montana, Portland, Oregon
“I love working with Teresa and her team, a highly professional group. We have been working with Teresa 11 years plus and would highly recommend their service.”


"My husband and I are really low-key people but we love, love big houses. Fast forward two houses and a vacation condo later, and I didn't know it took so much of my day to be dealing with service vendors and scheduling their appointments. Teresa helped me understand either I am doing it or I need to hire someone to help me. We hired the staff she suggested, and we live a better life for it. Teresa is fabulous!"


Ann Arbor, Michigan
“Great firm. We had just acquired a large property out of state and needed help with all kinds of things. Teresa's counsel was dead on and gave us immediate direction for next steps. We have continued to engage services for over 10 years.”


Lexington, Kentucky, Birmingham, Michigan
“Teresa has helped me more than she will ever know. I will be the first to admit I am not savvy when it comes to hiring and managing people. We have had great success with a number of projects. Excellent service. I refer this firm to all my friends.”


Princeton, New Jersey
“Teresa offers us a safe place to talk through a variety of topics. We call her for insight, candor, and problem solving. My brother and I highly recommend Teresa. You’ll be in good hands.”


"Teresa helped us get organized after we sold our company. We purchased a large working ranch, a beach house, and a tree house. Teresa managed all of our hires and payroll. Her team created a preferred vendors' list for each location and made a brilliant introduction to a celebrity horse trainer. This firm is truly best in class."


Founder-Family Office, Denver, Colorado
“We have had great success with a number of complex family office staffing issues. Teresa has a remarkable way of listening and getting straight to identifying the problem and presenting us a quick solution. Truly remarkable skills.”


St. Augustine, Florida, Brooklyn, New York
“This is the best advisory service. Teresa is there when I need her, listening, lowering the stress level, so I can focus on creating a peaceful household for my family.”


Fort Worth, Texas
“I trust all my household property issues to Teresa. She is a gem to work with. Teresa listens and gives me a new way to communicate. It has been very effective, and my staff seems happier than ever. We've been working together for over 12 years. I highly recommend her service.”


Venice Beach, California
“I’ve successfully worked with Teresa for many years. She is a great listener and her counsel is always on target. I really enjoy working with her."


Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Greenwich, Connecticut, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
“I am so thankful for Teresa's counsel. Her guidance on our projects was and is fantastic. She has a ‘spidey sense’ that is marvelously accurate. We would recommend Teresa to anyone seeking an honest form of expertise and empathy.”


Raleigh, North Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina
“Whenever I have a concern or I am not 100% sure of what to do, I just run it by Teresa. After nine years and three houses, she knows me very well. This is the company to contact for property and staff expertise.”


"Now that I have the best advisor I could have asked for, my complicated life is a lot less stressful. I love working with Teresa."


"Teresa provides a one-of-a-kind service to family offices and the families we serve. A unique mix of expert, counselor, advisor, coach and service provider. All of us think the world of her and her team; would highly recommend."


Atlanta, Georgia
“Teresa is so easy and chill to talk with. She makes life easier for me and my kids. I would offer a recommendation of her advisory service to every family."


Lake Tahoe, Nevada, Montecito, California
“My husband and I were referred to Teresa by our wealth advisor. We have a remote property with house and farm helpers. Since we hired Teresa in 2014, the turnover has stopped. We love working with her!”


San Francisco, California, Seattle, Washington
“Hands down the best advisor I have ever hired. They have helped me and my husband for over 11 years. Teresa and her team are truly unique in their ability to expedite flawlessly all the projects I send them. Teresa Leigh is my go-to advisor for home, vendors, and employees.”


"I hired Teresa to help me with my 93-year-old mother. Teresa was able to get me through finding the right care for her and then hiring staff for my own homes. I cannot say enough kind words to express my appreciation for Teresa's excellent service and care for my mother."


"I love when people exceed my expectations. Teresa does this in spades. We have been working together for five years plus. She is always there when I need the best insight and guidance. Best advisor I ever hired."


Nashville, Tennessee
“My family office recommended Teresa. We have worked together on projects over the last 12 years. We value her advice. She is super chill to talk with. It’s a little like therapy, a pep talk, and problem solving all put together. I thoroughly enjoy our time together and look forward to our next Zoom call.”


"Hiring Teresa's firm in 2016 was the best decision I ever made for our family office. Teresa is fantastic. We would recommend her firm to every family or family office."


Boca Raton, Florida
“New houses, cars, crazy life—I needed help putting it all together. Management of people and projects ain't my thing. Teresa made it easy for me, and I can’t say enough good words about her. She is the best.”


Long Island, New York
“Teresa is such a blessing to me and my late husband. I call on her for household property things, house staff, or if we need a local vendor. My family office hired Teresa as an advisor for other family members. I would definitely refer her company.”


Providence, Rhode Island
“My mom said contact Ms. Leigh to help with my new house problems. I am very glad to work with her. Teresa is always willing to listen and guide me to make the good decisions. I have saved a lot of money and hired good employees with her helping us. My dad in California also uses Ms. Leigh’s company; it is the very best. 감사합니다 Thank you."

William and Suzanna

Austin, Texas
“After my mother's debilitating stroke and my dad lost the car, we had no clue how to manage our parents care options. Teresa listened to our heartache, made sense of all the chaos, and provided quick solutions we were happy with. Very grateful for this wonderful service.”


Richmond, Virginia, Fort Worth, Texas, Cumberland, Maine
“Teresa is our advisor and guidepost, providing practical solutions for our family office staff and vendors. She is a master at navigating important relationships. My family and I highly recommend this firm—very easy to work with.”


"This firm is my first call for all things home and life. Teresa is exceptional at making sense of employee relationships. I'll be the first one to make a referral."


Bal Harbour, Florida, Chicago, Illinois, Sun Valley, Idaho
“We are a particular family. My friend made the introduction to Ms. Teresa. She is good listener, very respectful to my family, and smart person. She has helped my family have a good life. I send my friends to her good service.”


Salt Lake City, Utah Quebec, Canada, Boston, Massachusetts
“I hired Teresa Leigh's firm for advisory, staff management, and human resources. Teresa has incredible insight and understanding of our long-term goals. Simply put, a must have advisory firm."

Testimonials are direct quotes from our clients, however their likeness and names are confidential

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