Operational Management

Saving Resources By Creating Structure

With decades of experience advising affluent families, we know firsthand that wealth makes operating family offices and households and managing relationships more complicated. Our intimate understanding of the home and family office category, as well as each of our clients’ lives, enables us to reach the simplest, most satisfying resolutions faster.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Administrative structure
  • Planning and production
  • Reporting and communications
  • Controlling
  • Quality control

Empathy, experience and success are among the reasons clients select Teresa Leigh Home and Family Office to help them sort through and identify problematic operational issues they may be dealing with, and offer the simplest, most satisfying resolutions.

Client Projects We Have Recently Resolved:

“I acquired several properties in quick succession, I would like help streamlining and prioritized my project list. I’d like to move my family into the primary residence as soon as possible, can you help me?”

“Is hiring professional service companies a problem for other families or just mine? Can your service provide an approved list of vendors?”

“Our family has two master craftsmen finishing up projects on our historic home, they have exceptional skills and are easy to work with. I would love to hire them for our vacation property its about 450 miles away, what is the best way to manage this?”

“Our team is having difficulties with bill pay sent from our property managers, we heard your team can streamline the process, when can we start?”

“We’d like our team to learn a better-faster way to collects bids on projects, I need this like tomorrow can we connect sometime today?”

“I really valued the last project your team did for us, Now I’d like to expand that by asking, what would your suggestion be on exiting a vendor? The project is semi-remote and they all know each other, I’m just not happy with this guys work, sloppy. What’s your thought?”

“We would like a better understanding of the bills generated by our families properties, is there a way to ask vendors for a discount on services?”

“We just received a bill from our electrical contractor with 8500.00 in change order fees, our Chief of Staff states they did not approve the changes and now its a ‘he said he said’. It appears we have a minimal paper trail to prove anything, I absolutely do not want to lose anyone over this, I need your guidance.”

“The property septic tank needed to be replaced and we agreed on the project cost, somehow the timing of the removal and the install of the new system became intangible. We would not want to litigate this vendor but I’ve lost patience in how we are going to remedy this situation, I heard you can solve this.”

“This is going to sound odd but I need your help, we have a few household staff and a handyman who happens to be related to one of our housekeepers. This housekeeper also nanny’s for us, she and a landscaper fellow from a local company appear to be having a romantic relationship. Our handyman and the landscaper were seen having a heated argument with other day on our front lawn. We are very private people and don’t want any problems. Need to speak with you as soon as possible.”



"Now that I have the best advisor I could have asked for, my complicated life is a lot less stressful. I love working with Teresa."


New York, New York & Dublin, Ireland
“Teresa's advisory service is my favorite—hands down the best. They manage everything and make it look easy.”


Long Island, New York
“Teresa is such a blessing to me and my late husband. I call on her for household property things, house staff, or if we need a local vendor. My family office hired Teresa as an advisor for other family members. I would definitely refer her company.”


Racine, Wisconsin
"Teresa thankfully came into my life just after the loss of my husband. I appreciate all she has done for me and my extended family. Teresa is a very knowledgeable and kind person."


Hilton Head, South Carolina
“I would recommend this firm to anyone with a home who does not want the worry of making decisions all on their own. Call Teresa; she will make your life so much easier.”


"Hiring Teresa's firm in 2016 was the best decision I ever made for our family office. Teresa is fantastic. We would recommend her firm to every family or family office."


SFO Mountain View, California
“Teresa Leigh is one of the best advisors our office has ever hired. Her counsel is incredibly helpful and offers us a new perspective. Our family office has five high-profile families with multiple homes all over the world. Our team would strongly endorse Teresa’s expertise.”


Greenwich, Connecticut, Palm Beach, Florida
“I hired Teresa to help my mother and father on the hiring and day-to-day employment of caregivers and household staff. Teresa is a gem. She is patient beyond belief. My mom is so happy. My family gives her the highest recommendation.”


Founder-Family Office, Denver, Colorado
“We have had great success with a number of complex family office staffing issues. Teresa has a remarkable way of listening and getting straight to identifying the problem and presenting us a quick solution. Truly remarkable skills.”


"I am grateful every day for the wonderful help Ms. Leigh has brought into my life. She has helped me to hire a bookkeeper, a personal assistant, a nanny for my daughter and made organization of all my life. I am blessed beyond words to know her and to recommend her magnificent skills."


Big Sky-Bozeman, Montana, Portland, Oregon
“I love working with Teresa and her team, a highly professional group. We have been working with Teresa 11 years plus and would highly recommend their service.”


Providence, Rhode Island
“My mom said contact Ms. Leigh to help with my new house problems. I am very glad to work with her. Teresa is always willing to listen and guide me to make the good decisions. I have saved a lot of money and hired good employees with her helping us. My dad in California also uses Ms. Leigh’s company; it is the very best. 감사합니다 Thank you."


"My husband and I are really low-key people but we love, love big houses. Fast forward two houses and a vacation condo later, and I didn't know it took so much of my day to be dealing with service vendors and scheduling their appointments. Teresa helped me understand either I am doing it or I need to hire someone to help me. We hired the staff she suggested, and we live a better life for it. Teresa is fabulous!"


Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Greenwich, Connecticut, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
“I am so thankful for Teresa's counsel. Her guidance on our projects was and is fantastic. She has a ‘spidey sense’ that is marvelously accurate. We would recommend Teresa to anyone seeking an honest form of expertise and empathy.”


Matriarch of SFO, Cincinnati, Ohio
“Teresa has worked for me and my family office for over 11 years. We first hired her to help us resolve a rather unfortunate staff termination. It was mission accomplished in quick time minus the drama. Teresa is one of the family and knows us so well. My family and I would with great honor recommend her service.”


Lake Tahoe, Nevada, Montecito, California
“My husband and I were referred to Teresa by our wealth advisor. We have a remote property with house and farm helpers. Since we hired Teresa in 2014, the turnover has stopped. We love working with her!”


Princeton, New Jersey
“Teresa offers us a safe place to talk through a variety of topics. We call her for insight, candor, and problem solving. My brother and I highly recommend Teresa. You’ll be in good hands.”


"Teresa stepped in to help us with an uncomfortable child care hire and managed the employee's exit. Teresa hired a perfect Educator Nanny for our growing family who happily travels with us all over the world. Teresa has my family's highest recommendation."


St. Augustine, Florida, Brooklyn, New York
“This is the best advisory service. Teresa is there when I need her, listening, lowering the stress level, so I can focus on creating a peaceful household for my family.”


SFO Memphis, Tennessee
“Teresa really understands the needs of our families. Over the last four to five years, Teresa has helped us successfully hire six new staff members for our office and properties. Teresa's ability to match candidates to our culture, personality, and skill requirements is remarkably accurate. We have had zero turnover since working with her firm. I would recommend her service to all family offices.“


Seattle, Washington
“My husband and I were referred by a dear friend. We were struggling to care for my aging parents while dealing with renovation projects and were positive more than one vendor was double dipping on billing. Teresa and her team prioritized a project list and solved the problems. We even received a refund from a vendor. Thank God for Teresa.”


"This firm is my first call for all things home and life. Teresa is exceptional at making sense of employee relationships. I'll be the first one to make a referral."


"We have worked successfully with Teresa Leigh since early 2018. She is the expert advisor we needed on our team. She is amazing—recommend highly."


Boca Raton, Florida
“New houses, cars, crazy life—I needed help putting it all together. Management of people and projects ain't my thing. Teresa made it easy for me, and I can’t say enough good words about her. She is the best.”


CFO Family Office, Atlanta, Georgia
"Our family office hit the jackpot when we hired Teresa's firm. I would wholeheartedly recommend this firm."


Scottsdale, Arizona Baja, California
“Teresa solved a complicated vendor over-billing problem. Teresa's office contacted the vendor on our behalf and resolved the issue in less than two weeks. A highly effective and professional team."


Richmond, Virginia, Fort Worth, Texas, Cumberland, Maine
“Teresa is our advisor and guidepost, providing practical solutions for our family office staff and vendors. She is a master at navigating important relationships. My family and I highly recommend this firm—very easy to work with.”


Raleigh, North Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina
“Whenever I have a concern or I am not 100% sure of what to do, I just run it by Teresa. After nine years and three houses, she knows me very well. This is the company to contact for property and staff expertise.”


Palo Alto, California, Austin, Texas
“We have worked with Teresa for a little over eight years. We started with two homes and bought a ranch in Southern California. Teresa stepped into our lives, hired staff, created structure, and streamlined the accounting and communication processes. Teresa is a lifesaver. Her sincerity, sensitivity, and guidance are unparalleled.”


Bal Harbour, Florida, Chicago, Illinois, Sun Valley, Idaho
“We are a particular family. My friend made the introduction to Ms. Teresa. She is good listener, very respectful to my family, and smart person. She has helped my family have a good life. I send my friends to her good service.”

Testimonials are direct quotes from our clients, however their likeness and names are confidential

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